Normativa Francesa Utilización de aguas pluviales


Diseño del Baño


You enter in the middle, in what in Japan would be called the Datsuiba, or changing room. Bruce Smith and Yoshiko Yamomoto describe it as

a comfortable space for taking off one’s clothes and for drying off and putting on fresh clothes after the bath. it is a transition space between the watery world of the bath and the dry world of the house.

To the right I have drawn a room for the toilet. To the left is the bath, with the shower separate from the tub. In my post Save Water; Shower Japanese Style I described the process of showering before bathing:

To clean yourself before you got into the bath water, you did not use a conventional shower, but sit on a stool with a wooden bucket and ladle, soap and a sponge, and in the more modern showers, a hand shower that was is used when needed for rinsing and never left on to run into the drain. Sitting while you shower is safer and I found a lot more relaxing; having no water running meant that I could take as long as I wanted.